Shreveport Pregnancy Center – 2024 Reelin’ 4 Life Tournament –  July 15th 2024




  1. It is mandatory that all participants read and thoroughly understand all the rules, regulations and bonus/incentive programs before signing this entry form.


  1. Negative comments about the circuit, tournament officials, the dealership, and any sponsors or fellow competitors while talking to news media or while using social media will not be tolerated. Any questions about rules, scheduling, payout or any reasonable disagreements need to be directed to the tournament officials only. 


  1. Fishing start time is 6:15 am / sunrise. Stop fishing at 3:00 pm must be in weigh- in line by 4:00 pm.


  1. Persons under the age of 18 must have the signature of a parent or guardian in the space provided on the entry and be accompanied by an adult at all times. We will not be responsible for any accidents.


  1. All state, federal and lake regulations must be obeyed. 


  1. All contestants are required and expected to follow a high standard of courtesy and sportsmanship during the tournament and weighing. This includes respecting other anglers, both tournament and non. Complaints for discourteous conduct will be handled as an infraction on the rules.


  1. Alcohol and/or narcotics will not be allowed in a contestant’s possession during the tournament hours. Exceptions will be legal prescriptions. Winners are subject to a polygraph test.


  1. During the hours of competition, contestants may not receive information or help from a non competitor. This will be enforced. No “Hole” sitting allowed. 


  1. Only one rod and reel will be used at a time. No trolling with the combustion engine and all fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner. No fishing within 25 yards of another tournament boat that is previously anchored with the troll motor up. 


  1. Penalties: There will be a .5 (1/2 lb.) penalty for each dead fish weight in. There will be a 1 lb. penalty and the loss of the fish for any fish that does not touch the minimum length set for that tournament. Any fish that falls within the “Slot Limit”  will warrant a 1 lb. penalty and loss of that fish to that team’s weight. All fish will be measured the same. Slot is 14-18”.  Fish cannot touch 14” has to be over 18”.


  1. Late registrations will be accepted at the weigh in site the morning of the tournament available 5:30 am. 


  1. You are responsible for your own tournament bags for weighing in.  


  1. Scoring will be determined by the total weight of not more than 5 bass per team. Fish will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed and tail pinched. Any teams that tie will receive the same points and will split equally any prize money. 


  1. Entry will be $200 per tournament.


  1. Payout guarantees: 1st place $1200, 2nd place $800, 3rd place $500, 4th place $250.