Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Our vision at the Shreveport Pregnancy Center has been to reach our vulnerable families in remote areas just outside of Shreveport. Many times we get calls from pregnant mothers in need who can’t get transportation into Shreveport. If considering an abortion their one trip is likely to the abortion center instead of a place of hope and options.

With this need in mind, we are partnering with other pregnancy centers, churches and community leaders to see a new center open in DeSoto parish by the summer of 2022! We also plan to branch into Red River Parish in 2023!

We are confident we will see more lives saved and changed! This is a great need in these communities. If you are in these communities and would like to give for the families in Desoto or Red River Parish, use our donation option and select the fund for that purpose. We are excited about the mission field ahead in our own backyards! Most of all, help us pray God will pave the path, send the laborers and help us reap a harvest for his glory.


Going Medical

With your partnership we will be able to move forward in a medical capacity offering limited ultrasounds to our mothers. More than 90% of moms choose life when they see their baby on an ultrasound monitor. We have been blessed with all the equipment and just need professional partners and funding to take that next step.

GIVE to help her see and choose life Today.

Men’s Well-being

The presence of a dad’s impact on their children’s future is irreplaceable and leads to better well-being for a child in almost every life area. We are excited to have two ministers on our board who are ready to step in and offer help for our dads with advocate support, classes and spiritual leadership. Dads need advocacy too! Not to mention, when dads are supportive and involved, moms have an increased chance of choosing life.